Shadowrun: Equality

KSAF Special Report - 09/28/2074

Just three days after being installed as the acting Metroplex District Attorney, Dana Oakes has empaneled a grand jury to investigate Governor Kenneth Brackhaven. The full range of accusations is not yet known, but a variety of corruption and conspiracy charges have been claimed. The governor’s press secretary put out an immediate statement calling the charges “preposterous”, and that this is likely to lead to Oakes’s dismissal.

38th Run: End of Anarchy

The team is contacted by Chimera, who’s narrowed down Anarchy’s location. After some discussion, the team decides to go after Anarchy at the Snohomish Medical Center, where they believe he’s an employee. Chimera, Lanier, and Veronica join them. They have to move cautiously, to avoid spooking him, and split into teams to use the two technomancers to spot his Resonance signature. They find him in the middle of surgery, and are spotted in turn.

They’re voice to wait, which gives him time to summon a Shiawase Rapid Response Team, who arrive via helicopter. Moly disables the helicopter, forcing the team to extract Anarchy via the side entrance, where the team prepares to ambush them.

37th Run: Official Guardian Business

Viridian heads to Denver for an uncertain amount of time, to lay low while Knight Errant searches for her.

Blaze contacts Moly about going on a run together, and soon meets up with the team. Glisten tracked the insect spirits they fought in Puyullup to a enclave in Redmond called Paradise. Everyone heads over in Scrounge’s van, during which Blaze gives Scrounge some cryptic words about the mission being important for him.

Paradise turns out to be a walled town, and the team sneaks in with minor trouble. After realizing that nothing looks out of the ordinary, they talk to the locals and realize that they’re regularly raided, and the hosts that Glisten traced were likely kidnapped. It turns out it’s most likely the Halloweeners. They’re able to track them to an out of the way gang outpost lead by BlackSkull.

They break in the front, and discover that the building is an old laser tag arena. They’re ambushed in the arena portion, but the gang members aren’t much of a threat, including BlackSkull. Oddly, a few Night Hunters are helping them, but there’s no real sign of bugs. Further in though, they find evidence of a newly dug underground area acting as a hive. Blaze decides to take care of the bugs herself, while the others hear more guards running away down a side corridor and go to catch them before they make it away.

After interrogating the gang members, the team finds cells with a number of prisoners. In the last cell, they find a single human male strapped to a chair. When Scrounge approaches, the room dims around them, and the man introduces himself as Agent Seth Dietrich.

36th Run: Broken Narrative

Quill is sent to Tempest by Steelwraith, and she hires him for a simple job, involving placing a small device inside the downtown KE building.

Following immediately on the airing of the two-part Guardian Gryphons mid-season premiere, Glisten calls Moly with news that the Metroplex Supreme Court building may be under attack, and that the Mather’s case is in progress there, as well as a Project Freedom meeting. The other Guardians are busy with a conveniently timed Insect Spirit attack, and won’t be able to get there as quickly as Moly and the team. The crisis closely mirrors the events of the Guardian Gryphon episode.

Alpha Team arrives to find a KE barricade already around the building. Glisten has reason to believe that someone may be paying off the KE on site, and warns Moly to be careful. It also becomes clear that Quill’s planted device is likely involved in all of this. The team crashes through the barricade in Scrounge’s van and races into the courthouse.

Inside they fight crooked KE officers and are contacted by Lt. Teresa Volliare, who informs them that she’s protecting a VIP and needs help, and also that Kepler’s been freed and has joined the attack. The team splits up, with Moly, Viridian, and Freq’s drone going to check on the Project Freedom Meeting, while Freq, Quill, and Scrounge help Volliare.

Moly’s team finds Kepler already at the meeting room. She engages, but is quickly dispatched, and Kepler is gunned down soon after. Viridian manages to finish off the enemy KE officers with the help of a friendly one named Sgt. Brock, though it turns out both Helen Shaard and DA David Beatty are already dead. They do manage to save Kathleen Shaard.

The other team meets up with Volliare, who’s guarding ADA Dana Oakes. Together, they take out more KE, as well as some drones. They find George Mathers dead, but are able to save Edmond Jensen, and Oakes is safe as well.

The other Guardians arrive soon after, and more KE arrives to sort out their treacherous officers. Blaze arrests Kepler again. As the survivors are being led to the Pegasus, Jensen is shot and killed by Vagrant, who’d been waiting in a nearby building. She runs off after that, managing to escape Moly’s wrath.

A few days later, Kathleen Shaard takes over as head of Project Freedom, Firewatch agrees to take over high risk police work as KE’s reputation tanks, and Volliare informs the team that Anarchy was involved in the attack.

35th Run: Killing for Free

Kat O’ Nine Tails invites Viridian to the Funhouse, a shadowy club in Redmond run by a dragon named Urubia, where Kat’s band will be playing in a few days. Soon after arriving, a man named Mr. Silverwing, Urubia’s speaker, invites them into a private room and makes a job offer. Customers have been disappearing, and he has reason to believe someone’s targeting them. One Funhouse employee was also taken. A high-ranking Triad official was the most recent victim, and he wants the team to take care of it before word gets around. Silverwing also assigns a man who goes by Kobold to help them out and keep an eye on them.

Kat calls in the rest of the team, groggy as it’s the middle of the night, and they begin investigating. They search around and speak with a few people, eventually finding out that it seems to be the work of someone with a lot of professional breaking and entering skill, but that no magic was used. A familiar scent finally clues Moly in, and she realizes it’s Vagrant.

Moly makes a call, confronting Vagrant, who doesn’t even bother being evasive. There are some tense negotiations as it’s revealed not to be a contract for Vagrant, but something personal, and she’s not backing down. Plans are made to assault Vagrant’s position, as Moly’s worried about a bloody gang-war resulting otherwise, but in the end she backs down, just getting Vagrant to agree to release the Funhouse employee after admitting the others are dead. Mr. Silverwing ends their contract with no pay, but is at least somewhat understanding when he hears who was behind it.

Afterwards, Moly heads to the spot Vagrant docks her houseboat, but it’s already gone. Vagrant sends her a message to be careful in the coming days, things are about to get much worse.

NewsNet Special Report

Humanis Spokesperson and United Oil VP Marcus Eriksen was kidnapped earlier today in a brazen daylight attack at SeaTac. The perpetrators are believed to be members of the pro-metahuman terrorist group that calls itself the Metahuman Defense Coalition. Marcus’s son Tobias Eriksen was also badly injured during the event, and is currently recovering at the UW Medical Center. Knight Errant is considering the kidnapping one of its highest priorities, and says that they expect Eriksen to be safe for the moment, likely intended for ransom of some sort. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Eriksen family, and we all hope for Marcus’s safe return soon.

KSAF News Bulletin

The Firewatch protest that was organized Downtown today fizzled even faster than expected. The small group of protesters were drowned out by the passing crowd, and when shouts of ‘bug-lovers’ led to violence, KE quickly dispersed them.

KSAF Media Report

Maria Mercurial is making news with the unexpectedly political bent of her latest tour. The novahot star has been speaking out in favor of Seattle’s Prop 23 during her return tour, and the polls are already rising in response. Maria’s notoriously flighty, but with the election only a few months away, she can probably still stick with this one.

30th Run: Friends, Family, and Ghosts

Chimera asks Freq to come help him take down a test server at NeoNet HQ on Boston. The server holds the only working version of the software that will make the Matrix more secure against technomancers, and especially ottersquid. Chimera pays for flights and a hotel for the while team, and also requests Theta’s presence, revealing he knew Freq had her.

The team agrees and flies over, Theta included. Chimera wants to be in on the run, but leaves the planning to them. They eventually decide to sneak in via truck, and have Scrounge blow up the server with far too much plastic explosive. Freq also contacts his guild and gets in touch with a Bostonian technomancer named NovaKnight, who will run distractions for them, and Scrounge also talks to Bull. Bull sets them up with a veteran runner named Cayman, who’s known for dealing with runs gone bad. Astral scouting reveals security is tight, and there may be a Great Dragon on site.

The team makes it into the enormous building without trouble, and hack the tram to get to the secure facility with the server. Theta is left behind with Quill’s gun to guard the tram. They have no way of getting into the secure area without detection, so they all just rush it. Things quickly get complicated.

Scrounge manages to plant the explosives, but runs into an exact copy of himself, who seems to be in charge of the security team. The nega-scrounge shoots Scrounge, which seems to trigger a new personality in the coyote, one that’s magically capable. And then a Matrix dragon appears to attack the hackers.

Thanks to Chinera and Freqs’ Matrix weapons, the dragon is banished, and the team manages to barely fight off the security. Cayman plays a large part, and also adjusts the bomb before they leave. They’re about to set it off when the team gets a message through Theta’s comm. Another of freq’s children, Delta, has shown up, and works as Matrix Security for NeoNet.

Delta tries to negotiate. He offers to let the team go if they turn over Chimera. He reveals that security is closing in. Quill sees a small hole in the security plan, and Freq tells Theta to shoot Delta while they set off the bomb. Freq’s tempted to turn Chimera over, but isn’t sure that will actually go any better, so stays loyal to his brother. Cayman uses some explosives he rigged on the way in to blow the door, and they drive out under heavy fire.

Everyone parts ways, and they discover that the new personality in Scrounge is Jake Armitage. Back at the hotel he reverts back, leaving a very confused coyote, and they all return to Seattle.

Post-Initiation Thoughts

[Quill’s private journal]
--- May 23rd, 2074, 11:04am:
     Initiation last night. I think I understand now why nobody visits the metaplanes lightly – they’ll mess you up hard, even just getting there. Seeing Steel at the threshold the first time I went to them was bad enough, especially when he told me to give him up for dead. This time was

--- May 23rd, 2074, 11:18am:
     This time it was Moly at the threshold, saying that was abandoning her – it was like being shot. I almost panicked when she said that. It was all too real and too close to home. I started babbling, telling her no, it wasn’t me abandoning her, it was just a journey I needed to take, that I’d be back, it was just a temporary parting. I felt so rotten, so ashamed, so awful… The look in her eyes was so haunted, so accusing. I can’t bear to be on the other end of that. My stomach’s all knotted up just from thinking about this again, and I feel like hell.

     The other side was surreal when I got there. I was one of Blaze’s guardians, and Moly had the role I guess I would normally have for them: The outsider, the dark one, the untrustable. Theta was grown up and in uniform, and Vincent was in the group too. Sort-of Vincent anyway – he had Viri’s voice sometimes? Blaze kept saying that she and I were connected by destiny, kept warning me not to trust Moly. Refusing to listen to Blaze and telling her I’d make my own choices felt so damn good. How much of a mirror is this to Moly’s relationship with Blaze? How much is me projecting my own imagination?

     We fought what I think was supposed to be the Devourer Wurm, and when defeated it became the passageway forward. It was malleable, though- I’m not going to just step into something’s mouth as part of a personal narrative of self-discovery. Walking through it, we found a “Corporate Hive”, with Skye imprisoned inside. The bugs wanted to bargain for her freedom, but I refused. I couldn’t shape things enough to get her out on my own, but Virivincent and Moly together were enough to free her. Like I’d bargain with insect spirits or their lookalikes. I think they were trying to tempt me to give up the fight? Didn’t really listen to them.

     It got worse after that. Steelwraith showed up, and hinted that he’d been corrupted by the Hunters. He attacked and corrupted Skye, but I captured and held him inside the worldstuff – I refuse to kill even a shadow of my mentor. Theta killed Skye. Moly killed Theta. Blaze killed Moly. I fled before my heart broke more.

     Then one of the Masks was there in the next place, in my old room, with all my old things. Even wearing my old body, that shithead… wrong strategy for him to try, I was too wrung-out to care about my past. He was wounded and weakened from earlier fights, and I struck him down with lightning and broke his pattern and gave him the real death.

     I don’t want to think about any of this anymore.

--- May 23rd, 2074, 7:29pm:
     Something’s changed in me, but I’m not sure what yet. I feel different, but I can’t tell if it’s the same kind of thing I felt before. Nice how a harrowing will earn you some mysterious self-improvement, I guess.

     Welcome to the third circle, magus. Plan on seeing yourself reach the fourth?


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