Shadowrun: Equality

13th Run: Outbreak

An outbreak of feral ghouls surfaces in Puyallup with no warning. Viridian is forced to leave her home while official forces handle the situation. A quarantine zone is created, and media coverage within it goes largely silent.

A few days after the initial even, while the quarantine is still in effect, the team, other than Moly, gets contacted by an unknown party, using their usual mission channel. They meet Mr. Johnson, a very pale, well-dressed woman, in a low-class bar. She claims to represent one of the groups that funds the coalition, and have a job offer. One of the budget medical corporations, MedShield, has shut down all access to non-humans during the crisis. The team is hired to take control of MedShield Cross Central Hospital in Renton so it can be used as a dispatch center to take care of the non-humans who need care during the next few days. They ask that no word of this get out, but also that no one be significantly harmed, for public relation reasons.

Mr Johnson also introduces them to Leuda, an elven social expert who will be going with them to smooth things over. The team plans their assault strategy and scouts out the hospital, finding only moderate security to deal with.

Moly is called in by Shred, who’s considered about the team being in the field without her. She offers Moly a small amount of babysitting pay to watch over them, which the wolf accepts. They team meets up and executes their plan.

The main hiccup comes when they discover Omnitech security guarding one room in the hospital, which seems to have a ghoul in it. They’re able to evacuate the rest of the staff, but are forced to engage the well-armed Omnitech detail. After subduing them, they call in their employer’s forces, who sweep in and secure the hospital.

Tags: Leuda Mr. Johnson Omnitech


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