Shadowrun: Equality

14th Run: Christmas at Ground Zero

Just a few days after the hospital run, Quill finally receives a blip from his tracking spirit, having apparently found Steelwraith. He soon after receives contact from another party, claiming to know Steelwraith, and saying they need immediate help in LA, and will arrange transportation. The team is gathered, and heads down via maglev and airship to a surprisingly quiet Los Angeles on Christmas Day.

After meeting Harvard and Jack, allies of Steelwraith, they’re taken to Horizon HQ, where they meet Skye,a crow shifter and the one who’d been getting them there. Soon after, Horizon HQ explodes, prompting Moly to move into action, grabbing a startled Skye. As the bird tries poorly to explain, Steelwraith steps out of the burning building, greeting Quill and giving him a Christmas present.

He explains that he’s been planning this for a while, and it’s at its final stage. There’s been a big power building in LA, and he plans to stop it, but his previous team was taken out by a trap just before this final move. The team breaks into groups, several of them going into the building, to infiltrate a hidden bunker, while the others stay up top to run interference.

Winter Security soon arrives, forcing Moly and Leuda to deal with them, while the infiltration team comes across a gaping void and figures dressed like those that ambushed them in Tacoma.

The masked figure, a spirit of some sort in a possessed body, greeted Steelwraith as someone she knew, and explained that they were too late to stop her. She had already summoned a Horror into the ground beneath LA, expanding the Deep Lacuna to stretch beneath the whole city. If they disrupted the summoning, the city would collapse.

Harvard discovered a large group of hostages being held in the other portion of the vault. Most of the team went to go free them, while Steelwraith and Quill stayed to take care of the cult leader. Viridian broke down the vault door, and the team dispatched the guards, while Steelwraith and Quill took down the cultists.

Steelwraith revealed himself to be a dragon or drake, and stayed behind to try and weaken the Horror, sending the others off to report to Jassila back in Seattle. The city was hit by Earthquakes as the team fled the city, returning to Seattle by Christmas afternoon.

Tags: Harvard Hunters Jassila Masked Spirit Skye


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