Shadowrun: Equality

15th Run: Shadows

Shred’s Report:

It’s hard to follow everything that happened here, especially because Grunk wasn’t himself for a lot of it. I’d been asked to send the team along as escort for a convoy moving Jaran Heith’s lab to a new, secret location. They ran into a little KE trouble on the way, but nothing big, and the whole convoy got there safely.

Urgrot and Vincent were along with their group, as well as a number of Coalition security officers. The plan was to set up in a converted office building, and have the security detail stay for several days to make sure nothing went wrong. Thing were pretty quiet for a while, but then everything started to go wrong.

It gets a bit fuzzy here, but it seems that there was a powerful shadow spirit disturbed by Dr. Heith’s equipment. It began toying with the minds of the security team, causing some of them to attack their allies. Around that time, the astral ruptured and pulled Quill, Moly, Vagrant, Vincent, and Urgrot inside. The others were forced to deal with crazed allies outside, including the team hacker, who tried to take control of the security system, but was stopped by Freq and Viridian.

Inside the shadow realm, Moly and Vagrant were forced to kill a corrupted Urgrot. I’m sketchy on the details of that one, but I trust that it wasn’t done lightly. When they returned, a possessed Grunk was firing wildly with his rail gun, forcing Moly and Viridian to take him down. Quill, meanwhile, banished the spirit for good.

Once everything was calmed down, the following days were uneventful, but we need to keep an eye on the place, and on Dr. Heith. I find it odd that no one noticed all the gunfire, even in such a quiet area.

Tags: Grunk Jaran Urgrot Vagrant Viktor Vincent


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