Shadowrun: Equality

17th Run: Evacuation

Veronica’s Personal Journal:

Not sure I want to talk about everything I’ve seen yet. There are some dark things going on behind that quarantine barrier. They’re killing everyone, all the infected. How many people were caught when that wall went up? Not sure anyone else is left alive from my team, I’d been in hiding for weeks before managing to make it out. Took a few hits on the way, staggered to the first building I could find and took a room to hide and recover. Contacted Shred while still lucid, and she sent her team. Viri showed up before the others, helped me out, while quarantine forces surrounded the building I was in. The rest of the team managed to distract them and get me out.

Not really sure what to do now. Need to keep low, but I don’t want to. I’ll see what Shred can do, don’t really have anyone else.

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