Shadowrun: Equality

18th Run: Security

Knight Errant Action Report:

Contract: Protect VIPs and keep violence to a minimum during Project Freedom event in Seattle Center.

Report: All forces positioned appropriately. Project Freedom brought in their own security, including some questionable contractors. Caught a few troublemakers during the pre-event, nothing major though. As soon as Helen Shaard arrived, everything went crazy. Aerial SWAT Drone Beta was hacked and began an attack run on the crowd. An unidentified group of armed men were spotted leaving an abandoned vehicle in the Northern Zone, approaching the gathering, one troll among them. A second group moved in from the Southern Zone. The contractors engaged, managing to wrest back control of the Beta and attacking the possible hostiles while KE officers moved in to assist. A mobile unit was dispatched to examine the abandoned vehicle.

The contractors succeeded in disabling the two groups of assailants, partially through the use of Beta’s weapons payload (see attached cost analysis). MageOfficer Brant was fatally shot at some point during the engagement, presumably by sniper. The sniper took out no more targets, and was not apprehended.

One group of attackers were identified as a group of orc and troll mercenaries known to work for Underground criminal groups. The identities of the other assailants has been classified, but they ere apprehended and taken care of by Ellen Ward herself.

Tags: Masked Man


Elanna Elanna

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