Shadowrun: Equality

21th Run: Breaking In - KSAF News Bulletins

Knight Errant is on high alert after a complete failure of the SeaTac Correctional Facility yesterday. Prison officials are blaming an inside man, claiming to be a member of AnarchoTerrorist group TerraFirst! Though emergency teams were quick to move in, hundreds of inmates still escaped, among them TerraFirst frontman Father Kaolin. Also among the missing intruders is a changeling dissident named Telletil did I say that right?, who’s wanted by Aztech for crimes against the Corporation. We have an Aztech official with us here today to discuss the situation. Mr. Vargas?

[cut to the man who spoke to Telletil before the break out]

Vargas: Thank you, Wanda. Normally I don’t go public like this, but this concerns the safety of Seattle citizens. This Telletil is dangerous, a crazed madman who burned at least five guards to death during his escape. His powers are considerable, and he has no qualms about using them, especially on humans. If you see this fiery red birdman, do not approach, simply call our 24-hour hotline.

[hotline number shown]

Wanda: And you’re in charge of catching him? Why was he incarcerated in Seattle to begin with?

Vargas: Yes, I lead the task force. I see to the safety of not only our own citizens, but all of our consumers. The details of his capture are largely classified, but I will say that it involved his violent tendencies and the fact he seems to believe he’s a deity.

Wanda: A god?

Vargas: Yes Linda. The sooner we get him back in captivity the better. For his sake as well as the world’s.

Well, that should be exciting. In related news, similarity to media sensation Linda Blaze has caused many news outlets to contact her, asking if there’re any relation. As if an avian changeling terroist and a self-modified corporate gryphon would have anything in common. Still, she apparently had this to say:

“Pensadyne does not endorse acts of terrorism, nor does it support the burning alive of prison guards. I take these policies very seriously, and would never involve myself in such matters. I appreciate the fugitive’s style, but find it in poor taste.”

Which is a very Blaze thing to say. She also added that she’s planning to reveal the final member of the Guardians, which she seems to be calling the Mystic Guardians again, very soon. I’m sure that will be quite the show.

Scientists studying the recent wave of new SURGE cases have discovered a disturbing trend. A statistically significant portion of those affected are exhibiting insectoid features. In previous waves this was fortunately rare, but now as high as fifteen percent of cases end up looking buggy. With reports showing that the SURGE rate may be as high as two percent in the Seattle area, rumors are starting to go in the obvious directions, and things are likely to start getting ugly.

November is still a long ways off, but that doesn’t stop the conflict over Prop 23 from getting violent. An after school rally at Garfield High School turned deadly when two ork freshmen were ambushed on their way home by a gang of cyber-enhanced juniors and seniors. One perished while in transit, the other is recovering with severe fractures. DA David Beatty has already promised to try all the suspected students as adults.

In Foreign news, it seems Aztech is having troubles elsewhere as well. Tensions are mounting between the South American Megacorp and Horizon, with corporate military divisions lining up at the LA border. Details are currently sketchy, but we’ll keep you updated.

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