Shadowrun: Equality

22nd Run: Bugging Out

Nisha Doctor’s Journal:

Had my third mission today. A freelancer with the Changeling Division suddenly extra-SURGED, going really insectoid. Panic broke out, KE got called in, and we had to get him out of there before things got worse. We worked with some of the Changeling group this time, the people Vincent calls “The Cursed”. Constantly. He says it as if it’s an official title, or some official dubbed them that, it’s sort of strange. They seemed fine though, and I’d been nervously interested in meeting Freq. From the way Artash reacted to him, I got this impression he’d be a real hard ass, but he’s not. He’s actually pretty cute, though I have a feeling he’s not really into girls. All the guys that interest me seem to not be, and those that are are macho jerks. Don’t get me going about Scud again, ugh. For all the stupid sexist bullshit I got back home, why is it that my bad luck with relationships is the only time I really regret being female? And really, I’ve looked at numbers, this can’t just all be chance. Maybe I’m Cursed.

Wow, that went a different place than I was expecting. Back on track Nisha.

The newly buggy Changeling, a mage named Carter, was in Center Mall, with squads of KE surrounding. There was a somewhat unclear hostage thing going on in one of the stores, while the rest of the mall had been cleared out. We did some recon and then snuck in. Quill, one of the two lizard wizards, realized there was an old enemy of theirs inside, a powerful spirit they’d fought before. We decided to hit hard and fast, and after Freq hacked the door, we all went in firing. The spirit screamed at us, which paralyzed Vincent and nearly several more of us, but a salvo of bullets, spells, and liberal use of a really awesome staff took down the spirit thing and one employee who I guess was possessed too. I got a couple good shots on that one, shock rounds. My goal is to be more than just the girl who opens things, I like being well-rounded. Carter helped out once we’d turned things around, and we were forced to rather messily kill the spirit in the end. Or destroy its physical form at least.

All the gunfire and alarms got KE moving in quick, so we had to run for it, taking a quick exit a different way from where KE was coming. We split up a little after that, and decided to take Carter to my place for safety. Which was pretty much the end of it, aside from Dr. Heith examining him and agreeing that Carter was definitely a insecty Changeling.

They’ve both been staying with me since then, which is sort of strange. I guess, thinking about that now, that I might’ve been looking at things wrong before. Getting to know these two, I think all the interesting, non-standard guys just tend to be non-standard in enough other ways that things just don’t work out. Shame that we can’t just change what we’re attracted to. Admittedly, Carter’s a particular non-starter, but that’s more something for Dr. Heith’s report.

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