Shadowrun: Equality

28th Run: Someone Has To Do It

KSAF New Bulletin:

Mystic Guardian member Alex is starting to give Blaze a run for her money in terms of visibilty. While official Guardian actions have largely been relatively minor victories for the law, this lupine wild card seems to be really taking the vigilantte spirit to heart. Images of Alex, and a nervous-looking Holly, posing with a tied-up and beaten-up mob-boss who goes by the name Junior Torrini have been everywhere today. KE has reluctantly verified that Alex did indeed capture the Mafia officer, and even had evidence to secure an arrest. It’s nice to have someone who’s actually willing to get things done in this city.

ADA Dana Oakes has been pushing for the takedown of Torinni and other criminals in the Underground for several months, and there are already rumors that she may have been somehow involved. If so, we’ll certainly see a press release from her office soon enough.


Elanna Elanna

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