Shadowrun: Equality

30th Run: Friends, Family, and Ghosts

Chimera asks Freq to come help him take down a test server at NeoNet HQ on Boston. The server holds the only working version of the software that will make the Matrix more secure against technomancers, and especially ottersquid. Chimera pays for flights and a hotel for the while team, and also requests Theta’s presence, revealing he knew Freq had her.

The team agrees and flies over, Theta included. Chimera wants to be in on the run, but leaves the planning to them. They eventually decide to sneak in via truck, and have Scrounge blow up the server with far too much plastic explosive. Freq also contacts his guild and gets in touch with a Bostonian technomancer named NovaKnight, who will run distractions for them, and Scrounge also talks to Bull. Bull sets them up with a veteran runner named Cayman, who’s known for dealing with runs gone bad. Astral scouting reveals security is tight, and there may be a Great Dragon on site.

The team makes it into the enormous building without trouble, and hack the tram to get to the secure facility with the server. Theta is left behind with Quill’s gun to guard the tram. They have no way of getting into the secure area without detection, so they all just rush it. Things quickly get complicated.

Scrounge manages to plant the explosives, but runs into an exact copy of himself, who seems to be in charge of the security team. The nega-scrounge shoots Scrounge, which seems to trigger a new personality in the coyote, one that’s magically capable. And then a Matrix dragon appears to attack the hackers.

Thanks to Chinera and Freqs’ Matrix weapons, the dragon is banished, and the team manages to barely fight off the security. Cayman plays a large part, and also adjusts the bomb before they leave. They’re about to set it off when the team gets a message through Theta’s comm. Another of freq’s children, Delta, has shown up, and works as Matrix Security for NeoNet.

Delta tries to negotiate. He offers to let the team go if they turn over Chimera. He reveals that security is closing in. Quill sees a small hole in the security plan, and Freq tells Theta to shoot Delta while they set off the bomb. Freq’s tempted to turn Chimera over, but isn’t sure that will actually go any better, so stays loyal to his brother. Cayman uses some explosives he rigged on the way in to blow the door, and they drive out under heavy fire.

Everyone parts ways, and they discover that the new personality in Scrounge is Jake Armitage. Back at the hotel he reverts back, leaving a very confused coyote, and they all return to Seattle.


Elanna Elanna

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