Shadowrun: Equality

35th Run: Killing for Free

Kat O’ Nine Tails invites Viridian to the Funhouse, a shadowy club in Redmond run by a dragon named Urubia, where Kat’s band will be playing in a few days. Soon after arriving, a man named Mr. Silverwing, Urubia’s speaker, invites them into a private room and makes a job offer. Customers have been disappearing, and he has reason to believe someone’s targeting them. One Funhouse employee was also taken. A high-ranking Triad official was the most recent victim, and he wants the team to take care of it before word gets around. Silverwing also assigns a man who goes by Kobold to help them out and keep an eye on them.

Kat calls in the rest of the team, groggy as it’s the middle of the night, and they begin investigating. They search around and speak with a few people, eventually finding out that it seems to be the work of someone with a lot of professional breaking and entering skill, but that no magic was used. A familiar scent finally clues Moly in, and she realizes it’s Vagrant.

Moly makes a call, confronting Vagrant, who doesn’t even bother being evasive. There are some tense negotiations as it’s revealed not to be a contract for Vagrant, but something personal, and she’s not backing down. Plans are made to assault Vagrant’s position, as Moly’s worried about a bloody gang-war resulting otherwise, but in the end she backs down, just getting Vagrant to agree to release the Funhouse employee after admitting the others are dead. Mr. Silverwing ends their contract with no pay, but is at least somewhat understanding when he hears who was behind it.

Afterwards, Moly heads to the spot Vagrant docks her houseboat, but it’s already gone. Vagrant sends her a message to be careful in the coming days, things are about to get much worse.


Elanna Elanna

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