Shadowrun: Equality

38th Run: End of Anarchy

The team is contacted by Chimera, who’s narrowed down Anarchy’s location. After some discussion, the team decides to go after Anarchy at the Snohomish Medical Center, where they believe he’s an employee. Chimera, Lanier, and Veronica join them. They have to move cautiously, to avoid spooking him, and split into teams to use the two technomancers to spot his Resonance signature. They find him in the middle of surgery, and are spotted in turn.

They’re voice to wait, which gives him time to summon a Shiawase Rapid Response Team, who arrive via helicopter. Moly disables the helicopter, forcing the team to extract Anarchy via the side entrance, where the team prepares to ambush them.


Elanna Elanna

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