Shadowrun: Equality

KSAF News Bulletins

Governor Kenneth Brackhaven has appointed Emile Corrigan as his new Press Secretary, following his recent termination of previous Secretary Edmund Jansen. Jansen was ousted following discovery of previously lending a large sum of government funds to George Mathers, who allegedly used the funds to hire the Crosscut Killer.

Senator Helen Royer is about to face a congressional inquiry panel in a few days, following the shocking revelation that she had unrevealed ties to Humanis. Sources allegedly found her attending an illegal hate rally held in opposition to Prop 23, and the FBI soon released further information from an earlier, but ongoing, investigation into the Senator. Supervising Agent Seth Dietrich was recently killed in the line of duty, delaying further investigation, but the FBI apparently feels it now has enough of a case to push for the inquiry panel.

DA David Beatty has renewed his pledge to protect both sides of the Prop 23 conflict, after convicting a pair of Knight Errant officers of unnecessary use of lethal force against a group of ork teens. Opponents claim Beatty is siding too heavily with Project Freedom, but DA Beatty did recently convict several ork gangers who’d tossed home-made CS gas into a legal Humanis rally.


Elanna Elanna

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