Shadowrun: Equality

NewsNet Breaking Report - 5/17/2074

Several participants in a Humanis anti-prop 23 rally revealed themselves as insect spirits early today, and immediately began attacking the assembled crowd. Casualties are not being officially reported yet, but are believed to be high. Spokesman Marcus Eriksen, who was wounded but is in stable condition, has condemned those who would strike them down for their beliefs, and is calling for Firewatch to investigate Project Freedom. While Project Freedom has declined to comment on that request, they have already stated that they are planning to increase patrols and security measures.


It isn’t enough we have more goddamn bug spirits around and stirring up trouble, this miserable Humanis shit has the nerve to make it a political accusation?

Fuck him and fuck everything about those assholes


I hate to say it, but it’s the kind of move I would have expected them to pull if they were in league with the insects to start with. Reveal some of your hidden forces, then use the chaos to sow dissent and confusion among your enemies while playing yourself up to be a victim.

Elanna Elanna

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