Shadowrun: Equality

37th Run: Official Guardian Business

Viridian heads to Denver for an uncertain amount of time, to lay low while Knight Errant searches for her.

Blaze contacts Moly about going on a run together, and soon meets up with the team. Glisten tracked the insect spirits they fought in Puyullup to a enclave in Redmond called Paradise. Everyone heads over in Scrounge’s van, during which Blaze gives Scrounge some cryptic words about the mission being important for him.

Paradise turns out to be a walled town, and the team sneaks in with minor trouble. After realizing that nothing looks out of the ordinary, they talk to the locals and realize that they’re regularly raided, and the hosts that Glisten traced were likely kidnapped. It turns out it’s most likely the Halloweeners. They’re able to track them to an out of the way gang outpost lead by BlackSkull.

They break in the front, and discover that the building is an old laser tag arena. They’re ambushed in the arena portion, but the gang members aren’t much of a threat, including BlackSkull. Oddly, a few Night Hunters are helping them, but there’s no real sign of bugs. Further in though, they find evidence of a newly dug underground area acting as a hive. Blaze decides to take care of the bugs herself, while the others hear more guards running away down a side corridor and go to catch them before they make it away.

After interrogating the gang members, the team finds cells with a number of prisoners. In the last cell, they find a single human male strapped to a chair. When Scrounge approaches, the room dims around them, and the man introduces himself as Agent Seth Dietrich.


Elanna Elanna

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