Moly Swann

Wolf-girl, Physical Adept, Activist



  • Body: 5
  • Agility: 5
  • Reaction: 6 9
  • Strength: 5
  • Charisma: 3
  • Intuition: 4
  • Logic: 3
  • Willpower: 4
  • Magic: 7
  • Edge: 3
  • Initiative: 10 13

Active Skills

  • Group: Athletics: 3
  • Unarmed Combat: 5
  • Dodge: 5
  • Throwing Weapons: 3
  • Survival: 3
  • Infiltration: 3
  • Escape Artist: 2
  • Palming: 3
  • Perception: 3
  • Shadowing: 2
  • Etiquette: 3
  • Leadership: 3
  • Negotation: 4
  • Artisan: 4 (Writing)
  • Computer: 2
  • First Aid: 3
  • Performance: 3 (Passing)

Knowledge Skills

  • History: 2 (SURGE)
  • Drugs: 3 (Hallucinogens)
  • Magic Theory: 3
  • Area Knowledge: Seattle: 3


  • English: 6 (Native)
  • Sperethiel: 3
  • Japanese: 3
  • Or’zet: 3

Adept Powers

  • Improved Reflexes: 3
  • Killing Hands (Claws)
  • Critical Strike: 2
  • Penetrating Strike: 3
  • Mystic Armor: 1
  • Eiditic Sense Memory
  • Imp. Sense: High-Freq Hearing
  • Imp. Sense: Sound Dampening
  • Pain Resistance: 1

Adept Centering (Katas)


  • Elbey (Mechanic/Fence) (Loyalty 5, Connection 2)


  • Thundercloud Contrail (Stabilization mod)
  • Courier Bag
  • First Aid Kit (Rank 6)
  • 1 dose Deepweed
  • 40 Stuffer Shack Simple Blue™ Weade™ Blunts.


  • Armor Jacket + form-fitting body suit + Mystic Armor (13B / 8I)
  • Heavy Armor Clothing + form-fitting body suit + Mystic Armor (9B / 4I)

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Alex Blysard knew as early as age six that “male” wasn’t going to work for her. Of course, she didn’t really have words for it, but she did her best to find them, and when she couldn’t, she spent most of her time alone in her inner worlds. Her older brother Louis, however, was more than willing to make himself heard, and got into a number of scrapes as a result, after which Alex would help put him back together.

When she was fourteen, she started to show signs of the SURGE, and she spent her nights hoping that the change would fix her as it changed her, but when all was said and done, she was a sleek dark grey lupine, able to tap into latent magical talents… but still male. This left her inconsolable with grief. Her parents, well-meaning but distant, didn’t really know what to do other than throw money at their children’s problems, and her brother was dealing with his own transformation, meaning that Alex spent several months in and out of therapy. Finally, though, Alex was able to tell one of her therapists of her crushed dreams. This wound its way back to her parents, who approached her and Louis with an uncomfortable reality: they had enough money to send one of their kids to a boarding school in Seattle. Louis, having already survived two years of Confederate high school, ceded his interest and told Alex she could have it.

Alex wasn’t sure she wanted to be separated from her brother and primary emotional support, but she was positive she didn’t want to face going back to school as a boy or as a wolf, not in CAS, anyway. So, reluctantly, she accepted the offer and moved to Seattle after accepting emancipation from her parents so she could manage her own affairs. The school she attended was a specialty private school for the magically active, one with a track record of liberalism towards metahumanity. They treated her well and with respect, and she grew up with a belief in her equality with humanity far out of line with the reality outside those walls, learning to temper her skills as she got her basic education. In her junior year, Louis moved to the area and took up a job in a mechanic’s shop. He couldn’t afford his own education, but the job was going to pay his way towards learning micromachining and cybernetics. It kept them in touch, though the two extra years in CAS had been hard on the bear’s emotions.

Sadly, as all idylls must, the dream ended. Alex graduated with enough understanding of her talents to not be a hazard to herself or others, but without enough skill to be ready to hold down a job and without enough money for college. Lacking any other option, she’s moved in with her brother, who has in the past year started to show signs of making a lot more money than a mechanic should, especially one spending his spare yen on education. Alex suspects he’s gotten involved into something criminal, but she hasn’t asked and he hasn’t volunteered. Instead, she’s started looking for any odd job that will help pay the bills, looking to put her talents to use to help support herself. She’s not above running, but she does it under the name “Moly Swann,” separate from her SIN. She hasn’t had the sense to get a fake ID, but if she gets caught, it’ll be the first thing her brother suggests.

Moly Swann

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