Chaos Mage, Designer, and Saurian


Resembling a humanoid lizard with feathers growing from the top of his head, down his back, and sprouting from his elbows and tailtips, Quill is quite unmistakeably a changeling. Standing about five feet six inches on a good day, he tops the scales at about a hundred and forty pounds. His scale and feather coloration shift from appearance to appearance, generally dark greys and black shades when he’s on a run, and far more colorful while clubbing – one of the fringe benefits of being a magician is never needing to buy any dyes or scale paints. Gifted with magic, he slings spells and brings spiritual assistance and astral support and reconnaissance to the Metahuman Defense Coalition’s team alpha. And also sometimes he brings his attitude as well.

While he keeps quiet about his past for the most part, several most-likely-true details have been gleaned from conversations with Quill:

  • He went through SURGE while on a camping trip four years ago, and then “died” afterward, legally if not actually.
  • He was abandoned on the streets by his family after the change.
  • He used to weigh a lot more, and be substantially taller and stronger.
  • His magical talent awoke at the same time as his SURGE, which he seems to view as the major blessing that offset the end of the lift he knew before.
  • He dabbles in creating and altering outfits and clothing for Changelings, as well as designing and attempting to manufacture foci.

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