Green lizard physical adept DJ.

Viridian is a girl, but often her mannerisms and behavior cause people to see her as male. She has no problem with this. Her elven heritage gives her a fairly tall and thin build, despite the long tapered lizard tail behind her. Her head is rounded and smooth, eyes to either side of a long tapered snout, no hair anywhere. Her skin is smooth hide like a gecko’s, and a vivid shade of green (given that her name is such a perfect fit, it’s obvious that Viridian is her assummed name, not her original elven name). Atop her head are some circuit-diagram nanopaste tattoos that also double as her simsense trodes. Viri’s usual attire is a courier’s jumpsuit and fingerless black gloves, though she puts on more stylish wear for DJing. She lives in a small apartment that she fixed up in the middle of an old ruin, installing all the ultities herself, including some minor security. Viri can sometimes come across as blunt or rude, but it’s mostly from having a lack of care in what people think of her, so she says what’s on her mind as it occurs. She’s often ruder than expected, swearing a lot, more as a reaction against the stuffy nature of elvish social protocol than to shock anyone. She works decently with a group, though she tends to assume she has more common sense than anyone else.


Viri grew up as an elf in Tir Tairngire, in the capital city of Cara’Sir (Portland). Her family was relatively well-off, living in a slightly richer area of town. Viri had several older brothers from whom she mostly learned how to roughneck and fight. She easily got caught up in the macho-male competition between the three brothers, and even bested them at their own game often enough. When she wasn’t fighting with her brothers or attending the elvish equivalent of school, she was running wild in the older areas of the city, finding ruins long thought abandoned.
Her parents tried, unsuccessfully, to get her to act more like a proper young lady, but finally gave in and handed her off to some of the more nature-sensitive elves to teach her outdoor skills. Viri was happiest when in the city, but she learned what she could of tracking, running, and hunting in the wild countryside near Salem. Her parents were satisfied that their daughter was becoming, if nothing else, a very good ranger—and then Halley’s Comet returned.
Viridian had Awakened when she was around 15, but hadn’t developed her magical skills very far, preferring the sheer physical thrill over arcane energies. She had very little experience with At 19, the SURGE hit her unprepared, overwhelming her in the middle of survival training deep in the eastern Oregon forest. Alone, and isolated from the city’s resources, she recovered from the painful transformation over a period of several weeks longer than had originally been allotted for the survival exercise. When she finally stumbled back to her trainer’s camp, they were shocked at her newly-rearranged appearance, and sent her immediately back to her parents in the city, canceling her ranger training.
Viri’s parents were sympathetic, but they had worked their way up in the elven courts since she’d been gone, and couldn’t afford the embarrassment. Viridian was kept in the family estate for a few months, largely having the whole place to herself since her brothers had all mated and her parents were busier than usual. She spent most of it listening to music and watching trids on a smuggled-in trid set, learning more about the other worlds available outside of the elven nation. So she packed up and smuggled herself across the border and up into Seattle.

Living on the Streets:

Viridian first made it to Seattle in the company of some elven traders and smugglers, many of whom she still keeps in touch with. Due to her experiences in the forest, she had a particular hate for the natural outdoors, but found that she could take her ranger training to a new level across the city. At first, she fell in with some of the more outcast elves in Renton, but later moved out on her own among other changelings.
She also rediscovered an interest in magic, manifesting in physical movement. She found new ways to get to places she wasn’t supposed to be, and new spells and skills to help her keep out of the local police force’s grasp. Viri takes a lot of pride in her evasion skills, and in conning her way out of situations she can’t physically escape.
Viri also picked up a strong interest in music after arriving in the city. She put some skill into learning more about the popular styles of the time, specifically what people liked to dance to. Music became important enough to her that she made it a part of her magical practice, while learning how to entertain by DJing at a local changeling-friendly nightclub. She’s not famous by any means, but her shows have an extra magical edge to them that the crowd seems to enjoy. She DJs under the name ‘Elvergreen’, and dresses up a little more extravagantly than usual, but anyone seeing her on the street will know it’s the same bright green lizard girl.
Viri’s other mode of living sometimes include the odd Courier job, usually gotten through her occasional lover and ‘fixer’ Alice Crow. Alice and Viri both run with the elven parkour group in downtown Seattle. Lately she’s been considering more dangerous shadowrunning jobs for the sake of seeing new places in the city, and for the extra money it can offer.


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