Shadowrun: Equality

21th Run: Breaking In - KSAF News Bulletins

Knight Errant is on high alert after a complete failure of the SeaTac Correctional Facility yesterday. Prison officials are blaming an inside man, claiming to be a member of AnarchoTerrorist group TerraFirst! Though emergency teams were quick to move in, hundreds of inmates still escaped, among them TerraFirst frontman Father Kaolin. Also among the missing intruders is a changeling dissident named Telletil did I say that right?, who’s wanted by Aztech for crimes against the Corporation. We have an Aztech official with us here today to discuss the situation. Mr. Vargas?

[cut to the man who spoke to Telletil before the break out]

Vargas: Thank you, Wanda. Normally I don’t go public like this, but this concerns the safety of Seattle citizens. This Telletil is dangerous, a crazed madman who burned at least five guards to death during his escape. His powers are considerable, and he has no qualms about using them, especially on humans. If you see this fiery red birdman, do not approach, simply call our 24-hour hotline.

[hotline number shown]

Wanda: And you’re in charge of catching him? Why was he incarcerated in Seattle to begin with?

Vargas: Yes, I lead the task force. I see to the safety of not only our own citizens, but all of our consumers. The details of his capture are largely classified, but I will say that it involved his violent tendencies and the fact he seems to believe he’s a deity.

Wanda: A god?

Vargas: Yes Linda. The sooner we get him back in captivity the better. For his sake as well as the world’s.

Well, that should be exciting. In related news, similarity to media sensation Linda Blaze has caused many news outlets to contact her, asking if there’re any relation. As if an avian changeling terroist and a self-modified corporate gryphon would have anything in common. Still, she apparently had this to say:

“Pensadyne does not endorse acts of terrorism, nor does it support the burning alive of prison guards. I take these policies very seriously, and would never involve myself in such matters. I appreciate the fugitive’s style, but find it in poor taste.”

Which is a very Blaze thing to say. She also added that she’s planning to reveal the final member of the Guardians, which she seems to be calling the Mystic Guardians again, very soon. I’m sure that will be quite the show.

Scientists studying the recent wave of new SURGE cases have discovered a disturbing trend. A statistically significant portion of those affected are exhibiting insectoid features. In previous waves this was fortunately rare, but now as high as fifteen percent of cases end up looking buggy. With reports showing that the SURGE rate may be as high as two percent in the Seattle area, rumors are starting to go in the obvious directions, and things are likely to start getting ugly.

November is still a long ways off, but that doesn’t stop the conflict over Prop 23 from getting violent. An after school rally at Garfield High School turned deadly when two ork freshmen were ambushed on their way home by a gang of cyber-enhanced juniors and seniors. One perished while in transit, the other is recovering with severe fractures. DA David Beatty has already promised to try all the suspected students as adults.

In Foreign news, it seems Aztech is having troubles elsewhere as well. Tensions are mounting between the South American Megacorp and Horizon, with corporate military divisions lining up at the LA border. Details are currently sketchy, but we’ll keep you updated.

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20th Run: Contract Negotiations

Kat’s Job File:

So hey, looks like I’m working for the dragon again. That’s always fun.

Peri wants me working with those Changeling runners, the ones who hit Vigilance a while back. Gutsy. Hear they don’t kill anyone when they run. Sounds pretty cool, though not sure I believe it. Seen too much bullshit PR, you know?

Anyway, we’re breaking Mercurial out of her Pathfinder contract. I know, right? Guess there’s a clause in there though with water, I don’t know. She’s always been a crazy bitch, though we’re not supposed to say that because it’s medical or something. Pretty sure it’s just because she’s mainstream, that’ll fuck with anyone’s head. Money’s good, but the suicide’s even better.

Whatever though. She’s in the fucking Horizon Executive Retreat. Shit. Just typing that makes me feel dirty. Talk about the worst place on Earth. Slimy Horizon douchebags cuddling up in spas together while underpaid girls tell them they’re super awesome. Yeah, can’t wait for this job.

Part 2:

Man I hate that place. Spent way too fucking long in there with the lizard guy. Think I’m starting to get a thing for reptiles by the way, what’s up with that? Long as they’re not dragons, spent too much time around those.

But yeah, mission. Went in disguise, hung out, threw up in my mouth a lot. Had to pretend to work there while the other team broke into a research material plant, fucked up their distiller. Sounded like that went pretty smooth, probably cause it’s a water distiller, and you know, not a lot of guards.

Viri got the local supply of rose water tainted, and got the delivery truck lost or in traffic or something, so everything was going well right up to the end. Then wuffgirl got spotted and security went up, and they sent a fucking tank at us. Turns out even crazy combat adepts can’t rip tanks in half, so we ran for it once our time was up, dragging Crazy Bitch with us. Some asshole shot me, cause that’s what I needed after a long day of Corp stoogery.

So I stole some trust funder’s limo and peeled out under heavy fire. Heh, hope you like the new speed holes in your limo, dick. Lizard boy made the death squad crash their doom truck, so we lost ‘em. The limo was so hot it was melting so we ditched it and split up. Good luck tracing my car, fuckers, it’s got about as much trackable gear in it as a rock.

Score one for indy music. Or dragon music. Whatever, as long as it’s not fucking Pathfinder it’s still music.

Hey, heard Bull got blown up again. Guy really needs to stop that, bad habit. I hear those things’ll kill you.

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19th Run: Filth

Bull’s Personal Log:

Damn, got blown up again. Really thought I was over that part of my life. Probably shoulda let Scrounge do what he does and kept my nose out of it, but eh. Old dogs or whatever.

Started when Scrounge got a tip about a punk named Red Jack being dead. Low rent asshole who took money for killing my little girl a while back. Wish someone had let me know they wanted him dead, would’ve happily done it myself for free, felt a lot better about everything too. No consideration though.

Scrounge got together Shred’s gang and went looking for clues, figuring if someone bothered to off him professional style, he’d probably known more than we thought. Series of leads, explosions, and a chat with an old buddy of Jack’s named Steel (Crazy motherfucker) led to a Renraku VP named George Mathers, and a connection to Brackhaven’s press secretary Jansen. So, score there.

I figured I’d do a little poking around myself too. So someone blew me up.

I’d seen some hints of somebody just called “Jake” running the shadows, maybe involved in all this. Have a hunch he’s the one who exploded me, but need to get something concrete there.

Anyway, Scrounge and friends got Jansen to agree to testify, at least against Mathers. Freq put out an article on the whole thing, got a nice reaction from Brackhaven and all. I’m working up a deal with a friend of mine, big run on Renraku to take down Mathers soon. Sounds like he’s the crazy fucker who ordered the killings. Bet my good arm there’s more to it than that, but he still needs to go down.

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18th Run: Security

Knight Errant Action Report:

Contract: Protect VIPs and keep violence to a minimum during Project Freedom event in Seattle Center.

Report: All forces positioned appropriately. Project Freedom brought in their own security, including some questionable contractors. Caught a few troublemakers during the pre-event, nothing major though. As soon as Helen Shaard arrived, everything went crazy. Aerial SWAT Drone Beta was hacked and began an attack run on the crowd. An unidentified group of armed men were spotted leaving an abandoned vehicle in the Northern Zone, approaching the gathering, one troll among them. A second group moved in from the Southern Zone. The contractors engaged, managing to wrest back control of the Beta and attacking the possible hostiles while KE officers moved in to assist. A mobile unit was dispatched to examine the abandoned vehicle.

The contractors succeeded in disabling the two groups of assailants, partially through the use of Beta’s weapons payload (see attached cost analysis). MageOfficer Brant was fatally shot at some point during the engagement, presumably by sniper. The sniper took out no more targets, and was not apprehended.

One group of attackers were identified as a group of orc and troll mercenaries known to work for Underground criminal groups. The identities of the other assailants has been classified, but they ere apprehended and taken care of by Ellen Ward herself.

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17th Run: Evacuation

Veronica’s Personal Journal:

Not sure I want to talk about everything I’ve seen yet. There are some dark things going on behind that quarantine barrier. They’re killing everyone, all the infected. How many people were caught when that wall went up? Not sure anyone else is left alive from my team, I’d been in hiding for weeks before managing to make it out. Took a few hits on the way, staggered to the first building I could find and took a room to hide and recover. Contacted Shred while still lucid, and she sent her team. Viri showed up before the others, helped me out, while quarantine forces surrounded the building I was in. The rest of the team managed to distract them and get me out.

Not really sure what to do now. Need to keep low, but I don’t want to. I’ll see what Shred can do, don’t really have anyone else.

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16th Run: Changing the Game

Bull’s Log:

Bastards did it. We knew they would, but it was nice to pretend they wouldn’t. Some mercenary sniper opened up on a pro Prop 23 rally, winded up killing some poor kid. I had Scrounge check things out immediately, but whoever it was was out before he got there, and even had time to kill one of my guys on the way. Shred’s team showed up not long after, but there wasn’t really much left for anyone to do. Not really surprising. If they wanna up the ante though, fine, it just means we start fighting in the shadows too. I’ve probably got some long meetings with Shred coming up.

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15th Run: Shadows

Shred’s Report:

It’s hard to follow everything that happened here, especially because Grunk wasn’t himself for a lot of it. I’d been asked to send the team along as escort for a convoy moving Jaran Heith’s lab to a new, secret location. They ran into a little KE trouble on the way, but nothing big, and the whole convoy got there safely.

Urgrot and Vincent were along with their group, as well as a number of Coalition security officers. The plan was to set up in a converted office building, and have the security detail stay for several days to make sure nothing went wrong. Thing were pretty quiet for a while, but then everything started to go wrong.

It gets a bit fuzzy here, but it seems that there was a powerful shadow spirit disturbed by Dr. Heith’s equipment. It began toying with the minds of the security team, causing some of them to attack their allies. Around that time, the astral ruptured and pulled Quill, Moly, Vagrant, Vincent, and Urgrot inside. The others were forced to deal with crazed allies outside, including the team hacker, who tried to take control of the security system, but was stopped by Freq and Viridian.

Inside the shadow realm, Moly and Vagrant were forced to kill a corrupted Urgrot. I’m sketchy on the details of that one, but I trust that it wasn’t done lightly. When they returned, a possessed Grunk was firing wildly with his rail gun, forcing Moly and Viridian to take him down. Quill, meanwhile, banished the spirit for good.

Once everything was calmed down, the following days were uneventful, but we need to keep an eye on the place, and on Dr. Heith. I find it odd that no one noticed all the gunfire, even in such a quiet area.

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KSAF News Bulletins

In an unexpected move, CrashCart has just acquired MedShield, taking over all of its hospitals and customers. Though Neither CrashCart nor MedShield had nearly the coverage that primary competitor DocWagon boasted, this new merger will put things much closer to equal footing. Along with the announcement, CrashCart CEO Melissa Ranshandani has announced further support for Metahuman and even non-human customers, following a complete overhaul of the new facilities.

Weird news from the City of Angeles. Apparently the whole populace had been living in a trance-like state for the past week, and only snapped out of it when a series of severe earthquakes rocked the metroplex. In the midst of all this, Horizon corporate HQ exploded, action-movie style. What? No one seems to have any idea what’s going on, but Gary Cline assures the world that it’s business as usual for Horizon. Rumors of this all being a publicity stunt still seem far-fetched.

Responding to an anonymous tip, a KE squad discovered a full-sized dragon, dead in a Renton warehouse. The dragon had been chained down and apparently tortured, held in place by what KE magi could only describe as “powerful shit”. No suspects as of yet, but I’ve got a feeling KE’s dragging their heels on this one. Can’t blame them, would you want to mess with whoever did something like that? No ID on the dragon either, though chances are the wyrms know their own.

14th Run: Christmas at Ground Zero

Just a few days after the hospital run, Quill finally receives a blip from his tracking spirit, having apparently found Steelwraith. He soon after receives contact from another party, claiming to know Steelwraith, and saying they need immediate help in LA, and will arrange transportation. The team is gathered, and heads down via maglev and airship to a surprisingly quiet Los Angeles on Christmas Day.

After meeting Harvard and Jack, allies of Steelwraith, they’re taken to Horizon HQ, where they meet Skye,a crow shifter and the one who’d been getting them there. Soon after, Horizon HQ explodes, prompting Moly to move into action, grabbing a startled Skye. As the bird tries poorly to explain, Steelwraith steps out of the burning building, greeting Quill and giving him a Christmas present.

He explains that he’s been planning this for a while, and it’s at its final stage. There’s been a big power building in LA, and he plans to stop it, but his previous team was taken out by a trap just before this final move. The team breaks into groups, several of them going into the building, to infiltrate a hidden bunker, while the others stay up top to run interference.

Winter Security soon arrives, forcing Moly and Leuda to deal with them, while the infiltration team comes across a gaping void and figures dressed like those that ambushed them in Tacoma.

The masked figure, a spirit of some sort in a possessed body, greeted Steelwraith as someone she knew, and explained that they were too late to stop her. She had already summoned a Horror into the ground beneath LA, expanding the Deep Lacuna to stretch beneath the whole city. If they disrupted the summoning, the city would collapse.

Harvard discovered a large group of hostages being held in the other portion of the vault. Most of the team went to go free them, while Steelwraith and Quill stayed to take care of the cult leader. Viridian broke down the vault door, and the team dispatched the guards, while Steelwraith and Quill took down the cultists.

Steelwraith revealed himself to be a dragon or drake, and stayed behind to try and weaken the Horror, sending the others off to report to Jassila back in Seattle. The city was hit by Earthquakes as the team fled the city, returning to Seattle by Christmas afternoon.

Tags: Harvard Hunters Jassila Masked Spirit Skye

13th Run: Outbreak

An outbreak of feral ghouls surfaces in Puyallup with no warning. Viridian is forced to leave her home while official forces handle the situation. A quarantine zone is created, and media coverage within it goes largely silent.

A few days after the initial even, while the quarantine is still in effect, the team, other than Moly, gets contacted by an unknown party, using their usual mission channel. They meet Mr. Johnson, a very pale, well-dressed woman, in a low-class bar. She claims to represent one of the groups that funds the coalition, and have a job offer. One of the budget medical corporations, MedShield, has shut down all access to non-humans during the crisis. The team is hired to take control of MedShield Cross Central Hospital in Renton so it can be used as a dispatch center to take care of the non-humans who need care during the next few days. They ask that no word of this get out, but also that no one be significantly harmed, for public relation reasons.

Mr Johnson also introduces them to Leuda, an elven social expert who will be going with them to smooth things over. The team plans their assault strategy and scouts out the hospital, finding only moderate security to deal with.

Moly is called in by Shred, who’s considered about the team being in the field without her. She offers Moly a small amount of babysitting pay to watch over them, which the wolf accepts. They team meets up and executes their plan.

The main hiccup comes when they discover Omnitech security guarding one room in the hospital, which seems to have a ghoul in it. They’re able to evacuate the rest of the staff, but are forced to engage the well-armed Omnitech detail. After subduing them, they call in their employer’s forces, who sweep in and secure the hospital.

Tags: Leuda Mr. Johnson Omnitech


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