Shadowrun: Equality

3rd Run: Standoff in the Underground

Knight Errant is trying to evict a group of changelings and other metahumans from a tenement in the underground, citing building code violations. The residents have resisted, and now KE has the building surrounded, and is threatening to arrest everyone. The team is sent in along with a second Coalition team, led by Urgrot Foesmasher and including Vincent Alzher, to deal with the problem. After meeting and planning with the other team, they decide to create a distraction, while convincing the inhabitants to leave temporarily while the building repairs are made. Things go as planned, though there is one fatality, possibly due to a bad reaction to tear gas.

Tags: Urgrot Vincent

2nd Run: Out of Control

The team is sent to steal a useful Changeling-aiding drug from a Universal Omnitech facility. Shred leaves Moly off this one, sending Nil instead. When they arrive, they find that it’s in security lockdown. Quil uses his magic to let them sneak in, where they find the researchers apparently suffering extreme cases of SURGE changes, many in unstable mental states, due to a prototype magic reactor and failed shielding. They recover the drugs, but see that an Omnitech security team has arrived and seems to be silencing witnesses. They remain unseen, but help an avian Changeling named Jaran, along with his coworker, to escape before they leave as well.

Tags: Jaran Nil Omnitech

1st run: Hired Killers

The team meets for the first time. It consists of Freq, Moly, and Quill. The team is introduced to the woman in charge of the Coalition SURGE Division, Shred, her headquarters, and the two support staff, Grunk and Jason. They also briefly see Jason’s workshop, and the surplus truck the division bought for their use. The team is sent to investigate a trio of Changeling murders with matching circumstances. They discover that a local gang was behind it, and narrow it down to the Burn Heads. They attack the gang in their home base, handily defeating them, but discover that they were paid a significant amount of money by a group called Vigilance Economic Services. The trail runs cold there.

Tags: Coalition Freq Grunk Jason Moly Puyallup HQ Quill Shred SURGE Division Truck Vigilance


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