Shadowrun: Equality

1st run: Hired Killers

The team meets for the first time. It consists of Freq, Moly, and Quill. The team is introduced to the woman in charge of the Coalition SURGE Division, Shred, her headquarters, and the two support staff, Grunk and Jason. They also briefly see Jason’s workshop, and the surplus truck the division bought for their use. The team is sent to investigate a trio of Changeling murders with matching circumstances. They discover that a local gang was behind it, and narrow it down to the Burn Heads. They attack the gang in their home base, handily defeating them, but discover that they were paid a significant amount of money by a group called Vigilance Economic Services. The trail runs cold there.

Tags: Coalition Freq Grunk Jason Moly Puyallup HQ Quill Shred SURGE Division Truck Vigilance

2nd Run: Out of Control

The team is sent to steal a useful Changeling-aiding drug from a Universal Omnitech facility. Shred leaves Moly off this one, sending Nil instead. When they arrive, they find that it’s in security lockdown. Quil uses his magic to let them sneak in, where they find the researchers apparently suffering extreme cases of SURGE changes, many in unstable mental states, due to a prototype magic reactor and failed shielding. They recover the drugs, but see that an Omnitech security team has arrived and seems to be silencing witnesses. They remain unseen, but help an avian Changeling named Jaran, along with his coworker, to escape before they leave as well.

Tags: Jaran Nil Omnitech

3rd Run: Standoff in the Underground

Knight Errant is trying to evict a group of changelings and other metahumans from a tenement in the underground, citing building code violations. The residents have resisted, and now KE has the building surrounded, and is threatening to arrest everyone. The team is sent in along with a second Coalition team, led by Urgrot Foesmasher and including Vincent Alzher, to deal with the problem. After meeting and planning with the other team, they decide to create a distraction, while convincing the inhabitants to leave temporarily while the building repairs are made. Things go as planned, though there is one fatality, possibly due to a bad reaction to tear gas.

Tags: Urgrot Vincent

4th Run: Endangered Bird

The avian scientist the team saved earlier, Jaran Heith, has been in hiding, and needs extraction. He’s not too difficult to track down, but an Jaran isn’t sure about going with the team. His coworker is still with him, but badly deformed and in a bad mental state. Omnitech security arrives during the discussion, and Jaran agrees to go with the team if they help his friend, and if he can still continue his research. They manage to escape with both scientists, and drop them off at a safe house.

Tags: Jaran Omnitech Vincent

5th Run: Saving Fremont

The Sons of Sauron are planning to up to something and the whole Coalition is on alert. The team is sent to patrol Fremont, and discovers trouble on the bridge. They take out a team planting explosives, but realize that there are two downtown targets as well. They manage to save the Stouffer-Madison Hotel, but a bomb goes off in the Hilton, damaging in and causing many casualties. Interrogation leads the team to believe that someone else was pulling the strings here.

Tags: Sons of Sauron

6th Run: For Science!

Jaran Heith has been continuing his research, but the Coalition lab doesn’t have all the equipment he needs. He asks the team to acquire two expensive pieces of equipment for him. After researching where those might be found, they decide to break into an Ares building. Security is tight, but after several close calls, they manage to escape with both items and a little bit more.

Tags: Ares Jaran

7th Run: Trouble at Home

Shred has hired Viridian as an extra team member, thanks to the funds from the extra gear the team recovered from Ares. However, Grunk has discovered that the base has been compromised, and bugged. The team traces the bug and finds a pair of agents listening in on them. After a quick interrogation and a slightly bungled entry that gets KE on scene, they discover that Vigilance handled payment for this operation too. They manage to track down the Vigilance agent handling payments, and get enough information from him to determine a few of their data centers. The team’s headquarters is abandoned after this.

Tags: Vigilance Viridian

8th Run: High Security

The team is sent to uncover more information from Vigilance. The data center is in an old nuclear plant, and very secure. They steal a supply truck and manage to break in, though things quickly go bad. A second runner group, with Scud as its hacker, uses the opportunity to enter as well, but the team manages to grab the data before they get a chance, partly because the two teams aren’t in conflict. Afterward, Shred is able to analyze the data and discover that the money trail for the initial murders has a connection to Governor Brackhaven’s administration. The funds from the rest of the information allow for some significant improvements, including a second team.

Tags: Beta Team Brackhaven Scud Vigilace

9th Run: Elfland

Shred decides to send both teams out. Beta team is sent to deal with a news outlet that’s being strong-armed by KE. Alpha team investigates the disappearance of Jassila Fedderson, the Brackhaven administration’s metahuman relations advisor. The trail leads them to an elven gang called the Ancients, and one of it’s leaders, Green Lucifer. They have to help him get an Ancient smuggler through the Southern border, and in return he gives Jassila’s location. They find her in a bunker on a military base, and discover that the Ancients have just been offering her protection. She’s a powerful Mage and something called a Lightbringer, who works to prevent the return of the Horrors. She doesn’t need the team’s help, but will keep them in mind if she finds more trouble. She also gives them a contact, Galinor Jones, to talk to if they find anything that seems relevant.

Tags: Beta Team Galinor Green Lucifer Horrors Jassila Lightbringers

10th Run: Cluedo

The team is summoned to a new headquarters location and shown around. On the way, they pass through a Coalition controlled front run by an elf named Alanor. They also meet Beta Team, led by Nil. On the way back from a tour of the new, larger facility, a bomb goes off in the Coalition front building, killing Alanor and his security expert. The place is locked down while an investigation takes place. They eventually discover that one of the Coalition members was actually trying to kill Grunk due to a past event when they served on a team together.

Tags: Beta Team Carter Gibson Tacoma HQ Tracy Vagrant


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