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  • Nil

    *Beta Team leader and gun adept kangaroo.* A fairly experienced runner who looks like a spiky kangaroo. He’s an adept with a focus on gunplay. Generally fairly laid back when off a mission, but fond of action, and not too happy about having to use …

  • Reynard

    *Vulpine social adept.* Reynard is in charge of the Shift team sent to Seattle. He’s a social adept, and very good at what he does. He’s a part time runner, and has seen his share of trouble. Standard Description: It’s a little hard to look at …

  • Alice Crow

    Elven contact and mentor for Viridian. Adept and fixer, occasional lover, she also guides Viridian in the Way of the Athlete. She's a longtime friend of Viridian, and gave her courier work before she started running. She's a Night One, originally from …

  • Jean Sharp

    A large crocodile, most likely a troll. Gruff, but fairly good natured, if somewhat less social than most of the team, and less commonly in the tower. Her element is Force/Blast. Starting to go by the codename "Crash".

  • Rez

    Aggressive tigress, and self-appointed second in command. Quick, brutal fighter with an arrogant streak, but respects most of the team. Earth element.

  • Rush

    Short red panda, second newest member of the Guardians. Not as capable as some of the others in a fight, though she's an excellent pilot. Friendly and talkative. She wields the element of wind.

  • Viridian

    h1. Background: Viri grew up as an elf in Tir Tairngire, in the capital city of Cara’Sir (Portland). Her family was relatively well-off, living in a slightly richer area of town. Viri had several older brothers from whom she mostly learned how to …

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