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  • Nisha

    *Harumen Technomancer on Vincent's team.* Nisha Doctor is a new member of Vincent's team, replacing the previous hacker. She was born in India, and had a rather difficult life there, owing to having gender and metatype against her. She's fairly upbeat …

  • NetCat

    *Well-known elven Technomancer runner. JackPointer and activist, she's skilled in breaking and entering and prefers to work solo. Has recently been in contact with Freq, trying to help take down Chimera*

  • Freq's Sprites

    All of Freq's sprites are patterned after video game characters, ones that Freq finds particularly resonant or inspiring. Ve treats them rather like totems, and sees vis sprite compiling and registering as freeing them from their limited game experiences …

  • Freq

    Freq was born (human and male) to a somewhat-conservative corp family in the midwestern UCAS. With parents working in telecom, the house was outfitted with top-of-the-line Matrix gear. Ve experienced SURGE as a direct result of the Halley’s Comet mana …

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