Freq's Sprites

All of Freq’s sprites are patterned after video game characters, ones that Freq finds particularly resonant or inspiring. Ve treats them rather like totems, and sees vis sprite compiling and registering as freeing them from their limited game experiences and allowing them to have more interesting lives.

Ally – Boltpaw from Dreaming City

Dreaming City is an all-ages AR overlay game, one of the earliest ones, that has characters interacting and adventuring in a more fantastical and technological version of whatever city they live in. Most missions and content are procedurally generated or contributed by the game’s small but dedicated fanbase.

Boltpaw was Freq’s original avatar from Dreaming City, a semi-anthro canine made out of a sparky electrical storm (in a rather cartoony style, in keeping with the game’s family-friendly theming). When Freq SURGED, ve created a new persona, but kept the old one around as a companion, to keep a thread of comfort and continuity in vis new changed life. At some point, the avatar became a sprite, likely Freq’s first use of compiling without being aware of it yet, and over the intervening years, it developed into a close ally connection.

Boltpaw usually resides in Freq’s modified Doberman drone, and in fact the sprite was the one who first found the drone, during Freq’s first few months on the Seattle streets, and was intrumental in helping liberate, refurbish, and upgrade it.

Crack – Meztli Coyotl from Changethief

Changethief was an action-adventure game from 2060, starring a shapeshifting “gentleman thief” character in an historic/fictionalized Aztec Empire. The game was developed, naturally, by an Aztechnology subsidiary. Lucky for them, it came out just before the Year of the Comet; If it had been published a few years later, it likely would have been seen as, at best, pandering to the changeling community, and at worst, rather racist. Instead, the main character has become a changeling icon, and several (carefully focus-grouped) sequels have been produced.

The sprite appears as the main character, an anthropmorphic coyote by default, wreathed in moonlit mists and shards of obsidian, the source of his transformations and his martial prowess, respectively.

Data – Dataflies from Technotopia

Technotopia is one of the most popular sim-learning environments, a vibrant natural world that children can customize to their heart’s content, where every animal is an agent with its own personality and lesson plan.

The dataflies are the base of the reward economy; butterflies who flutter their video-panel wings to create whatever else the user wants.

Machine – Teuthians from Lords of Equinox

Lords of Equinox is a 4X space game that tries to imagine the future of metahumanity in the stars. Strange aliens and stranger magics abound.

The Teuthians are colorful four-armed squid-creatures that protect their soft bodies by always interact with the rest of the universe from inside elaborate mechanocybernetic constructs. They have substantial speed-based bonuses to ship and planetary combat, and can cheaply and easily upgrade their units.

Paladin – Ignus Apex, Chief of the Obsidimen, from Legends of the Fourth Age

Legends of the Fourth Age is the most popular MMORPG ever. Supposedly, the writers confer extensively with dragons and immortal elves to create a realistic portrayal of the last age of magic. In realty, plenty of liberties are taken for story purposes, just none that would personally annoy anyone who still remembers that age.

The Obsidimen are presented as a somewhat stereotypical proud tribal warrior race, physically made of shiny obsidian with molten orange joints. Ignus Apex is their leader, dressed in elaborate but effective stone armor.

Sleuth – Lore Hounds from Rebels of Tindalos

Rebels of Tindalos is a strategy/RPG about a group of minions of an Elder God who break away, deciding to defend the reality they’ve been infiltrating. (Ref:

Lore Hounds are the trackers, the ones known for appearing from sharp angles to follow their prey anywhere. The basic look is anthro canine, but their eldritch heritage is clear, they look very very alien.

Freq's Sprites

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