Harumen Technomancer on Vincent’s team.

Nisha Doctor is a new member of Vincent’s team, replacing the previous hacker. She was born in India, and had a rather difficult life there, owing to having gender and metatype against her. She’s fairly upbeat despite this, and trying hard to fit into her new home. She’s a skilled technomancer, though also has a variety of physical skills, including stealth and marksmanship.

Standard Description:

Nisha is a Harumen, and as such has a tail, prehensile toes, and a moderate amount of fur, mostly below the waist. She’s also dwarf-height, though lacks the stockyness most dwarves show. She’s moderately attractive, though does have a notably flat nose. She tends to wear full ruthenium stealth gear when on a mission, including specially made “gloves” for her feet and a tail sleeve.


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