Shadowrun: Equality

Bull’s Personal Log:

Damn, got blown up again. Really thought I was over that part of my life. Probably shoulda let Scrounge do what he does and kept my nose out of it, but eh. Old dogs or whatever.

Started when Scrounge got a tip about a punk named Red Jack being dead. Low rent asshole who took money for killing my little girl a while back. Wish someone had let me know they wanted him dead, would’ve happily done it myself for free, felt a lot better about everything too. No consideration though.

Scrounge got together Shred’s gang and went looking for clues, figuring if someone bothered to off him professional style, he’d probably known more than we thought. Series of leads, explosions, and a chat with an old buddy of Jack’s named Steel (Crazy motherfucker) led to a Renraku VP named George Mathers, and a connection to Brackhaven’s press secretary Jansen. So, score there.

I figured I’d do a little poking around myself too. So someone blew me up.

I’d seen some hints of somebody just called “Jake” running the shadows, maybe involved in all this. Have a hunch he’s the one who exploded me, but need to get something concrete there.

Anyway, Scrounge and friends got Jansen to agree to testify, at least against Mathers. Freq put out an article on the whole thing, got a nice reaction from Brackhaven and all. I’m working up a deal with a friend of mine, big run on Renraku to take down Mathers soon. Sounds like he’s the crazy fucker who ordered the killings. Bet my good arm there’s more to it than that, but he still needs to go down.

Tags: Edmund Jansen George Mathers Steel


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