Shadowrun: Equality

20th Run: Contract Negotiations

Kat’s Job File:

So hey, looks like I’m working for the dragon again. That’s always fun.

Peri wants me working with those Changeling runners, the ones who hit Vigilance a while back. Gutsy. Hear they don’t kill anyone when they run. Sounds pretty cool, though not sure I believe it. Seen too much bullshit PR, you know?

Anyway, we’re breaking Mercurial out of her Pathfinder contract. I know, right? Guess there’s a clause in there though with water, I don’t know. She’s always been a crazy bitch, though we’re not supposed to say that because it’s medical or something. Pretty sure it’s just because she’s mainstream, that’ll fuck with anyone’s head. Money’s good, but the suicide’s even better.

Whatever though. She’s in the fucking Horizon Executive Retreat. Shit. Just typing that makes me feel dirty. Talk about the worst place on Earth. Slimy Horizon douchebags cuddling up in spas together while underpaid girls tell them they’re super awesome. Yeah, can’t wait for this job.

Part 2:

Man I hate that place. Spent way too fucking long in there with the lizard guy. Think I’m starting to get a thing for reptiles by the way, what’s up with that? Long as they’re not dragons, spent too much time around those.

But yeah, mission. Went in disguise, hung out, threw up in my mouth a lot. Had to pretend to work there while the other team broke into a research material plant, fucked up their distiller. Sounded like that went pretty smooth, probably cause it’s a water distiller, and you know, not a lot of guards.

Viri got the local supply of rose water tainted, and got the delivery truck lost or in traffic or something, so everything was going well right up to the end. Then wuffgirl got spotted and security went up, and they sent a fucking tank at us. Turns out even crazy combat adepts can’t rip tanks in half, so we ran for it once our time was up, dragging Crazy Bitch with us. Some asshole shot me, cause that’s what I needed after a long day of Corp stoogery.

So I stole some trust funder’s limo and peeled out under heavy fire. Heh, hope you like the new speed holes in your limo, dick. Lizard boy made the death squad crash their doom truck, so we lost ‘em. The limo was so hot it was melting so we ditched it and split up. Good luck tracing my car, fuckers, it’s got about as much trackable gear in it as a rock.

Score one for indy music. Or dragon music. Whatever, as long as it’s not fucking Pathfinder it’s still music.

Hey, heard Bull got blown up again. Guy really needs to stop that, bad habit. I hear those things’ll kill you.

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