Shadowrun: Equality

23rd Run: Reunion

NetCat’s Private Log:

Chimera finally moved again tonight. He went after Macrodeck, and by the time anyone knew it was too late. Not sure how many he killed in there, but I’ve known for a while that we have to take him down before he takes us all down. Technomancers are just barely to the point of not being seen as complete monsters, and one crazy terrorist is all we need to put us back on the kill list.

I called in a few more technomancer runner types I knew I could trust. Scud’s been an occasional ally, and Nisha’s a well-recommended new-comer. Freq’s someone I’ve kept an eye on for a while now, and he seemed to have a personal stake in the Chimera situation. Turned out to be very right about that one. A lot of his team ended up showing up separately. They’re a weird bunch, but I like them. Do-gooder activist runners, probably likely to meet a messy end someday. I’m in the same boat myself though, so more power to them. More than enough causes to fight for.

After a. . . interesting show of aid by Spokesgryphon Linda Blaze, we made it to Macrodeck HQ. The Resonance was completely fucked up in there. I’ve never seen anything like it, or felt anything like it. It was like tendrils of wrong grasping for my soul. It did remind me of a few things Puck described once, but he’s been off the grid too long for me to ask.

We made it through some automated defenses, and ran into a hostage situation. Chimera’d already killed quite a few people, but there were many more being held by some flunkies of his. We rushed them and took them down, then found Chimera himself holed up in the CEO’s office. Bastard had a dead-man’s switch set to something nasty, he didn’t say what, but given his past actions I didn’t doubt him, which left us without much we could do.

He took Freq up to the roof for a chat, and while I don’t know all the details, I do know there’s something bad going on there, and Freq asked me to keep an eye on both of them. I can’t say I blame him, this corruption is nasty, whatever it is. He’s apparently off to look into something Chimera tipped him off to. I wish him luck, and hope I see him alive and sane after. I’m going to try and find Puck, and hope we figure out a way to take Chimera down before he brings us all down.


Elanna Elanna

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