Shadowrun: Equality

36th Run: Broken Narrative

Quill is sent to Tempest by Steelwraith, and she hires him for a simple job, involving placing a small device inside the downtown KE building.

Following immediately on the airing of the two-part Guardian Gryphons mid-season premiere, Glisten calls Moly with news that the Metroplex Supreme Court building may be under attack, and that the Mather’s case is in progress there, as well as a Project Freedom meeting. The other Guardians are busy with a conveniently timed Insect Spirit attack, and won’t be able to get there as quickly as Moly and the team. The crisis closely mirrors the events of the Guardian Gryphon episode.

Alpha Team arrives to find a KE barricade already around the building. Glisten has reason to believe that someone may be paying off the KE on site, and warns Moly to be careful. It also becomes clear that Quill’s planted device is likely involved in all of this. The team crashes through the barricade in Scrounge’s van and races into the courthouse.

Inside they fight crooked KE officers and are contacted by Lt. Teresa Volliare, who informs them that she’s protecting a VIP and needs help, and also that Kepler’s been freed and has joined the attack. The team splits up, with Moly, Viridian, and Freq’s drone going to check on the Project Freedom Meeting, while Freq, Quill, and Scrounge help Volliare.

Moly’s team finds Kepler already at the meeting room. She engages, but is quickly dispatched, and Kepler is gunned down soon after. Viridian manages to finish off the enemy KE officers with the help of a friendly one named Sgt. Brock, though it turns out both Helen Shaard and DA David Beatty are already dead. They do manage to save Kathleen Shaard.

The other team meets up with Volliare, who’s guarding ADA Dana Oakes. Together, they take out more KE, as well as some drones. They find George Mathers dead, but are able to save Edmond Jensen, and Oakes is safe as well.

The other Guardians arrive soon after, and more KE arrives to sort out their treacherous officers. Blaze arrests Kepler again. As the survivors are being led to the Pegasus, Jensen is shot and killed by Vagrant, who’d been waiting in a nearby building. She runs off after that, managing to escape Moly’s wrath.

A few days later, Kathleen Shaard takes over as head of Project Freedom, Firewatch agrees to take over high risk police work as KE’s reputation tanks, and Volliare informs the team that Anarchy was involved in the attack.


Elanna Elanna

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