Shadowrun: Equality

25th run: Empty

Shikoba’s Security Log:

Well, looks like I’m getting some serious hazard pay. Last night we had no less than three break-ins, all related. It’s not something I’ve seen before, too ballsy for most runner groups, but it worked better than it should have. I guess when you’re desperate enough you can take risks like that. I try to keep a level head, myself.

I’m not sure I have everything exactly right, motivation-wise, but I’ve done my best just in case it matters. A first group came in, made a mess, but got repulsed. One of them, a changeling bear, was trying to get to some tech to fill the essence holes his cheap ware had given him. The research team had some tests they wanted him for, I’m sure their report will explain better than mine will.

That seemed all nice and clean, but then a second team came in to rescue the bear. They came way too close, but lost their momentum after my security team wore them down enough. I was able to capture three of that team as well before the others fled., but my team was in bad shape.

And then they came in again, a different team again. Almost all had been changelings, and all capable runners. I’d requested supplemental security from a local company, but we were still understaffed. Things went bad quickly, and while got things nearly under control, it was still too chaotic. I made the call to release the prisoner, rather than risk them making any more trouble. It wasn’t ideal, but in the end the science team says we got some very interesting data out of it all, so it may very well work out as a net positive for Universal Omnitech.

Shred’s Private File:

Knew something like this was gonna happen sooner or later. The mess at the UO lab wasn’t a great showing for my first time in the field with the team. Figured I owed Moly, and Elbey, enough to do the hands on work myself, but I’m not sure I helped more than I hurt.

Haven’t spoken to Moly yet. Not sure what she’ll want to say, if anything. She’s changed so much since I met her, not sure I can read her the way I used to. Some of it’s probably Blaze, but a lot of it’s just the job. I thought maybe I could protect her from it, but I always sort of knew it was hopeless. I’m good at hopeless.


Elanna Elanna

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