Shadowrun: Equality

KSAF News Bulletins

Local musical sensation Kat o’ Nine Tales, frontwoman of Grima Aurora, surprised her fans at an Underworld 93 concert last night when she brought out an unknown performer for her opening act. The changeling referred to as Viridian proceeded to put on a completely unique performance, an effortlessly imaginative real-time remix that left the audience breathless.

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this reptilian newcomer. Rumors are already circulating that Viridian might also be Kat’s newest lover. Given Kat’s notoriously blunt personality, it’s not likely to remain rumor for long.


Okay, mad props to you Viri, that clip of your performance is amazing – but am I the only one who can keep a low profile anymore?

KSAF News Bulletins
Elanna Elanna

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