Shadowrun: Equality

KSAF News Bulletins


Yesterday’s brutal shootout in front of the Big Rhino in the Ork Underground now has ten confirmed fatalities, four of them tourists. This may be the beginning of an even darker turn in the Prop 23 saga, and we can only hope it doesn’t escalate further.

After missing for months, Commissioner of Race Relations Jassila Fedderson was found dead in San Francisco Bay. Details are sketchy, and we currently have no information on how she ended up there, or why she even disappeared in the first place, but the Lone Star Coroner has confirmed her identity.

Apparently George Mathers wasn’t dead after all, and is in Knight Errant custody. Due largely to Edmond Jansen’s confession, Mathers is soon to go to trial for his involvement in the deaths of three Changelings last year.


Elanna Elanna

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