Shadowrun: Equality

24th Run: Transport Trouble

Scud’s War Diary:

Had an awesome roadtrip with the Changelings. Freq had this crazy plan involving drugging some guy on a cross-country flight to make it look like he’d died, then using my ambulance to snag him. It meant some in person hang-out time with Freq, Moly, and that lizard guy, so I was definitely in.

We had a detour along the way in Sioux territory, when DocWagon called me in to a combat zone in Billings. UCAS was apparently doing a Black Op in Crown Plaza. Lots of collateral damage, and they needed me to save the day. Fuck yeah, that’s what I live for, I’m totally kind of a doctor! So we all went there, kicked some serious ass and saved all the children etc.

Afterwards we drove to DeeCee and got the guy from the plane. I’m not sure Moly likes me much.

Colonel Ravenheart’s Report:

The mission went as planned, Damien. Despite the appearance of insect spirits on the flight, I was able to avoid civilian casualties and cleanse the infestation. It seems I was right about the connection between this Changeling group and the bugs, and I appreciate your trust in testing my hunch. I may require more strings to be pulled on their behalf, but I will try to keep it minimal.

My Knight Errant informants also verified that George Mathers was successfully extracted, and is now safely held in one of our special dungeons until it’s time for trial.

Anne Ravenheart’s Journal:

Ares involvement in these recent insect spirit outbreaks is all but definite now. I feel equally confident that this Changeling group is a Locus, and not a conspirator. It’s surprising they’ve survived as long as they had, and I worry that that’s intentional. I’ll need to proceed carefully from here on out, as I’m fearful of the way the pieces are coming together.

Viridian seemed quite capable, and her background has nothing problematic in it. Scrounge appears to be new, and his background feels suspicious. I may not have time to investigate further however, and I didn’t sense any evil intentions from him.


Hey, it wasn’t MY crazy plan. MY crazy plan involved hacking the rocket and all the passenger manifests.

— Freq

24th Run: Transport Trouble
Elanna Elanna

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