Shadowrun: Equality

45th Run - Making Deals with Gods and Monsters

Multiple appearances of the terrifying Wild Hunt of legend, each resulting in a single death/kidnapping, cause Ravenheart to send the newly recruited Scrounge to deal with the problem. The one attempt to rescue a victim directly nearly kills Moly, and makes it clear they should work on other options. After some more detective work, the team discovers the victims are part of an off-the-books sorceror’s circle, who were tricked into summoning the Wild Hunt after being led through a portal to the WIld Hunt’s home plane (where they also ran across a Mitsuhama exploration team). After tracking down a woman named Gael Byrne and bringing her into Knight Errant, they found that Omega Dawn was behind the summonings, possibly supported by Vigilance. While they seemed to be just targeting ex-corp employees they didn’t like, the true plan involved killing Emile Corrigan, the man who would be testifying against Brackhaven. Moly and Quill went off to Asgard to get Odin to call off the hunt, while the rest of the team set up a defensive position in an old chop shop to protect Corrigan. They succeeded in both goals, though Moly carried two Tasks from Odin. Soon after, Brackhaven called Moly to his prison to tell her that he was officially resigning as Governor.


Elanna Elanna

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