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  • KSAF News Bulletins6

    Smith Tower was the sight of a magical disturbance earlier today, when a portal of some sort opened in the capstone room. While Knight Errant SWAT was soon on the scene, they were not equipped for whatever mystic weirdness was occurring. Instead it was …

  • Linda Blaze

    *Gryphon* Linda Blaze is a very public figure. She's a Vice President with the EVO subsidiary Pensodyne, in charge of its Seattle branch. She has just under a 1% share of EVO. She's a model for extreme body modification, a service offered by her …

  • Holly Winter

    Mystic Adept owl, with cold as an element. More subdued than some of the other Guardians, but friendly. Has a relationship with Blaze apparently, though there's rarely much evidence of it. Currently helping Moly with martial arts training.

  • Jean Sharp

    A large crocodile, most likely a troll. Gruff, but fairly good natured, if somewhat less social than most of the team, and less commonly in the tower. Her element is Force/Blast. Starting to go by the codename "Crash".

  • Rez

    Aggressive tigress, and self-appointed second in command. Quick, brutal fighter with an arrogant streak, but respects most of the team. Earth element.

  • Rush

    Short red panda, second newest member of the Guardians. Not as capable as some of the others in a fight, though she's an excellent pilot. Friendly and talkative. She wields the element of wind.

  • Glisten

    The least social Guardian, glisten is a snake woman who specializes in stealth. More likely to act on her own than the others, though on call when needed. Her element is water.

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