Episode 7


Determined Defense

The makes it back to town with the bandits close behind. Ripper and Glisten are ready, and cover the Guardians and Jean as they retreat to the city. A newly corrupted Flora appears, and promises to take control of the city. Ripper is a bit shaken by this.

With Blaze still recovering, Ripper calls an emergency strategy meeting. Glisten has plans, but they mostly involve her operating alone, and Ripper decides she’s going to need to let Alex out to assist. Holly decides to focus on getting Blaze back to strength, and Jean agrees to do whatever she can.

As they break to prepare, Jean speaks to Holly about helping remove Flora’s corruption. Holly isn’t sure she can pull it off again, and also while she appreciates Jean’s implied sacrifice in switching back with Flora, she’s not really comfortable with that. Once things are calmer, she hopes to find a way to fix things more completely.

Ripper lets Alex out, who’s happy to prove herself again, though concerned that Misha still hasn’t shown up. The rest of the episode is the preparation, with a focus on Glisten setting up traps. Then the actual attack comes, during which Alex, Jean, and Ripper are heavily featured, along with Glisten again, who picks off individual attackers with assassin-like strikes. When Fang arrives suddenly to help, things seem to be going well, but when another wave of bandits moves in, led by Flora, they can’t hold on. Alex catches a glimpse of Misha in the midst of the fighting, but when she tries to go to him, he’s gone.

Blaze comes out to try and push them back, but she’s still too weak. Jean decides to make a stand, guarding the others hopelessly, but when Flora moves in, the crocodile suddenly becomes a gryphon, with Force-based powers. She’s able to shield against the initial rush, then blast back Flora and the shadow creatures, turning the tide. Flora manages to get away, but many of the bandits are taken out, and Ripper doesn’t expect them to be a problem anymore. Blaze thanks Fang, though seems unhappy about doing so. Alex does as well, a little flustered, before Ripper cuts in, reminding them they should start planning what to do next.

Episode 7

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