Dour orc guard.

Grunk is in charge of security for the team. He acts as door guard, and also organizes security procedures. He’s a trained Coalition agent who used to be part of some sort of assault team. He seems unhappy to be working with the team, and clearly has no love of Changelings, though he’s never shown any signs of actually causing trouble. It was recently revealed that there was a major incident in his past that caused him to get pulled off of field duty.

Standard Description:

Grunk is a slightly older orc, perhaps in his late 40s. He’s on the large side, even for an orc. He tends to black and gray body armor, and carries a stun baton as well as a Mossberg AM-CMDT. An astral scan shows no cyberware, though his Essense has been lowered some.

Tags: Coalition Grunk SURGE Division


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