Jason Garret

Gazelle boy mechanic.

Jason is a less extreme SURGE case, though only by a little. He’s highly intelligent, and geeky, particularly with regards to mechanical things. He’s not much of a field agent, but likes helping in whatever way he can, from prepping new tools and vehicles, to taking direct control of the team’s heavily modified truck.

Standard Description:

Jason is fairly slender for an orc, though not for a human or elf. He has a general satyr look, though pattered more after a gazelle. His legs are furred and hooved, and he has a tail, though it’s more like a deer’s or rabbit’s than a gazelle. His fingers have small claws, and his hair has a furry look to it. His large horns are particularly gazelle-like, and he still has tusks on an otherwise somewhat boyish face. Though much of his body is unfurred, he has skin markings that match roughly to a gazelle.

He usually wears high-tech mechanic’s gear, including gloves and goggles. Due to the potential danger of even being in headquarters, he also wears an armored vest at all times, and carries a modded Fichetti Security 600. Despite his love of technology, assensing shows no cyberware, and that he actually has a full six Essence.

Tags: changeling Coalition Jason rigger SURGE Division

Jason Garret

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