Spiky hyena-woman in charge of the Coalition’s SURGE division.

Shred is in charge of the SURGE Division, and gives the team their missions. She’s an imposing former runner. Nearly always dressed for combat, she’s still never shown any desire to join the team on a run. She’s more adept in a fight than as a fixer, but her own experience makes her capable enough. Spiky growth from her change leave her always uncomfortable, but even more dangerous.

Standard description:

Tall, muscular hyena-woman. Her patterning doesn’t match any specific species, her fur looks almost more like a subdued version of an African Wild Dog, but in more yellowish colors, and she otherwise reads as a hyena. She still has visible tusks from originally being an orc, and also has several large, bony growths protruding from her body. Smaller spikes jut out all over as well. She usually wears full body armor, modified for her spines and spikes, and wears a Colt Manhunter at her side. Assensing shows Muscle Replacement and Wired Reflexes, and also reveals that she has basically no Essence left.

She’s also definitely not in a relationship with Moly’s brother Elbey. They’ve just had sex a few times.

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