Unknown Organization

A strange, apparently well-funded organization that captured Alpha Team at one point. They own a high-security ship that possibly operates out of the sound, and formerly had a helicopter on board. Their guards have uniforms in purple and gray, but don’t match any specific other group. The ship is registered to Wuxing, though it seems unlikely that this is actually a Wuxing operation.

The Masked Man appears to be someone of importance in the organization, and claimed that the team was starting to become an annoyance. They currently have Auric Kepler in their pay, though that may be a temporary situation.


The Masked spirit seems to be another member of importance. The Masked Man turned out to be an insect shaman, and was captured, and likely executed by KE. They were involved in the summoning in LA, and a larger conspiracy connected to the Horrors. Their overall goal seems to be bringing one back into the world, and it in some way involves Seattle, as well as potentially San Francisco, but the details remain unclear.

Unknown Organization

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