Alice Crow

Elven contact and mentor for Viridian. Adept and fixer, occasional lover, she also guides Viridian in the Way of the Athlete. She’s a longtime friend of Viridian, and gave her courier work before she started running. She’s a Night One, originally from Europe, and still retaining a notable accent. Her metatype is rare enough that her violet fur makes many people assume she’s a changeling. With her obvious counter culture body mods and clothing, this is usually the least of her social problems, and she rarely bothers to correct anyone except actual changelings.

She’s a regular at Viridian’s club sets, and runs the parkour group Viridian’s a part of. She had to convince the others to let in such a severe Changeling, but they’ve long since stopped caring about the lizard’s appearance. Alice and Viridian briefly tried a more serious relationship, but quickly found that friendship and sex without anything deeper suits them both better, and it’s become a nice, casual thing.

Alice doesn’t really get into anything that requires combat, but she’s always made sure to keep herself up on self-defense. As an adept who keeps in excellent shape she’s well beyond most ordinary people, though she’s no Moly. She was the first to help train Viridian, though the student has well surpassed the teacher at this point.

Standard Description:

The soft coat of violet fur is Alice’s most striking attribute, but hardly her only unusual one. Silver piercings jingle musically when she runs, some in places not easily visible. Her hair is a deep purple, nearly black, and modded to appear almost as feathery as her namesake. She keeps the tips of the “feathers” dyed a bright red, and uses the same red for tribal patterns dyed into her fur.

She does sometimes wear a full Urban Explorer Jumpsuit, though customized with her own patterns, but more often she dresses lighter. Her usual outfit is a half-suit of form-fitting body armor, worn with cargo pants tied tightly at the ankles and a set of nice running shoes. She usually just wears the sleeveless armor with a bra beneath, or switches to a tank top or sleeveless shirt if she’s just socializing. During colder months, she tosses on a heavy Globetrotter Jacket. She wears a gun only in places people where it’s safer to look armed. It’s a Beretta 101T she got off a guard she once got in trouble with, but she has only the most basic training with it.

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Alice Crow

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