One of Viridian’s contacts, Jorgun works for Knight Errant as a desk sergeant. He’s quick thinking and streetsmart, but not really that bright otherwise, and that’s kept him from moving up in the ranks. Like many orc cops, he’s not inherently loyal to the force, though he’s careful enough that he won’t do anything clearly illegal. He had a few run-ins with Viridian during her early courier days, one of the cases resulting in a minor arrest. Though he knows she was into some gray area work, he could see she wasn’t really dangerous or hurting anyone, and helped her stay under the radar on subsequent jobs, provided she didn’t get into anything nasty.

The situation has changed somewhat now that Viridian is a Shadowrunner. Jorgun can tell from the sorts of requests he’s getting that she’s into something much more extreme, and is wary about helping more than he should. He still might look the other way at times, but his loyalty only goes so far.

Standard Description:

Typical burly orc cop. He’s dark skinned and large-tusked, close-cropped hair usually hidden under a KE cap. Jorgun doesn’t have the belly some of his coworkers do, he’s strong and in shape. The bulk of cheap cyberware is visible under his well-worn uniform, and his eyes have the dead look of bottom-barrel cybereyes. The enormous gun at his hip is very clearly not standard issue.

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