Linda Blaze


Linda Blaze is a very public figure. She’s a Vice President with the EVO subsidiary Pensodyne, in charge of its Seattle branch. She has just under a 1% share of EVO. She’s a model for extreme body modification, a service offered by her company, and her feathered image has been showing up more and more prominently on ad screens around the city. Aggressively outgoing, she tends to be overpowering in person, and though many question her sanity, they tend to get wrapped up in her manipulations just the same. As part of her personal narrative, she’d created and formed the Guardians, and drawn Moly under her wing.


Standard Appearance:

Blaze is humanoid gryphon. Her upper body is that of a fierce, but clearly feminine hawk, brown feathers streaked with red, curved yellow beak severe and predatory. She’s proud of the powerful wings that adorn her back, a particularly complex bit of bio sculpting. Her lower half is leonine, with a red tufted tail and burnished gold fur. Depending on the situation, she wears an expensive, perfectly fitting skirt suit, a “casual” red dress and coat, or her personally designed Guardian uniform. Though technically all modestly cut, they still have a way of showing off her body just the same. She never carries a weapon.

Linda Blaze

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