A six-year-old otter-squid, born in a Proteus lab

Theta is apparently Freq’s biological child, with Freq’s brother Chimera providing the other half of the DNA for her. She certainly looks like both of them, and has already developed significant Resonance abilities. Accelerated learning techniques have put her at a near-adult level on many subjects and social interaction, though she does lack any sort of real world experience. She seems happy to be free of the Proteus Arkoblock where she’d grown up.

Standard Appearance:

Theta wears a fairly elaborate gray jumpsuit, glowing with some sort of odd Proteus tech. It’s a little moist to the touch. She herself looks much like Freq, a purple otter-squid though with dark green replacing much of Freq’s orange secondary coloration, and with some nearly white patches in a mottled pattern.


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