Field Officer

A Coalition squad leader, Urgrot specializes in a slightly different area than runners do. His team tends to act as a support team for other Coalition groups, either adding a little more versatility to a runner team or acting as specialists in a security detail. He has a core of versatile men, and often a number of grunts as well. He’s stern and by the book, relatively open-minded but rarely more friendly than neutral. Has a fairly strange relationship with Vincent.

Standard Description:

Urgrot looks like a stereotyped orc in many ways, with his muscular build, dark skin, and the orcish heritage hairstyle, tattoos, and piercings. The armor and weaponry doesn’t do much to banish the facade. He carries a large battle rifle slung to his back, and a large, spiky mace at his side. He dresses in full gray combat armor, complete with tactical webbing festooned with pouches and a few grenades. His right eye is pure red.

Tags: ally Coalition


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