Veronica (Raven)

Ghoul infiltration specialist.

Veronica works for a Seattle Ghoul group called Zombie Nation. She’s a skilled runner, a stealth expert and decent fighter. Not very social, but not quiet either, usually pretty dry about things. She usually wears motorcycle gear, often the helmet too, as that gets less attention than her obvious ghoul features. She has a tricked out motorcycle and is an excellent rider. As a natural-born ghoul she can’t spread infection.

Recently, Veronica was involved in the ghoul outbreak. Her group was apparently killed, and she nearly was as well. She’s had to take on a new identity, going as Raven, and working with Reynard as an apparent changeling while trying to find out what’s going on with the ghouls.

Standard Description:

Raven wears a suit of custom armor designed to make her look avian, complete with a large beak. It’s dark and shimmering, covered in ruthenium. Synthetic wings and tail have little movement, but pass basic inspection. The cybernetic talons are real, replacement for the loss of her natural legs.

Tags: ally ghoul infiltrator Raven runner Veronica Zombie Nation

Veronica (Raven)

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